5 Tips to Saving Money on Summer Bills


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Looking for ways to save money this summer?

You can beat the heat and cool your home without necessarily putting a dent on your bank balance.

Water consumption goes up as well, but with some easy tips to follow, you can tame your usage through the hot weather.

Air Conditioner

First, if you’re using a window air conditioner unit, place it in a spot where it is hidden from the sun. It will run more efficiently by 12% and save you cash over time.

Also, you can seal the AC’s perimeter to make sure cold air will not escape. You can use weather stripping for that.

Clean the filter once every month. Regularly washing your AC’s filter can decrease energy use of the unit by 15%. For central air, the use of a programmable thermostat is highly advised.

Overhead Fans

Overhead fans are a great friend to budget-conscious home managers.

The air they circulate is a good reason to delay running the air conditioner. That can be delayed longer if the air is made to come in through the windows on cool summer nights.

Overhead fans consume only $0.01 worth of energy per hour, which means a single unit will cost you less than $0.20 a day!

Things Not In Use

Little things when ignored can sum up to big wastes in the end.

Lock the door of your room when sleeping inside to make the area cool faster and the air conditioner not work harder.

Unplug machines and gadgets from electrical outlets when not in use. Turn off the lights before leaving a room.

Check Water Leakage

Check for leakage. When everyone else has left the house, read the water meter. Wait for one hour and read it again.

Has the reading changed?

If it has, then you have a problem to solve. Leaks account for 10,000 gallons of water waste in homes each year. Check the toilet. It may be the right time to replace the flapper.

Break Your Old Water Use Habits

Stop running the tap until it gives you cool water for drinking.

You will save three or four glasses of water each time. Keeping a pitcher filled with water inside the fridge is a sure saver.

Do the same when brushing your teeth.

Keep the faucet closed while you do the maneuvers on your teeth. With more household members cooperating to do the right things, you will surely keep large amounts of water from draining down the sink.