Brain Pill Review: Ingredients, Side Effects and Much More


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There are many things human beings do to be healthy. People exercise, eat healthy food, go to relaxing vacations, and even take vitamins to prevent the slightest body ills.

Yet sometimes all these steps aren’t enough since we fail to take care of our brain.

As the primary processing center of the human body, the brain also needs maintenance to ensure that it functions well. Optimum brain function used to depend mainly on one’s diet and innate mental capacity.

However, in the last decade, the field of neuroscience has expanded and brought about nootropics like Brain Pill to help enhance one’s memory and mental processes (1, 2, 3, 4).

Brain Pill Review

What is BrainPill™?

BrainPill™ is a nootropic supplement developed by Leading Edge Health, one of the world’s foremost pioneers in the field of dietary health supplements.

Nootropic supplements like Brain Pill work directly on the brain’s chemical messengers (called neurotransmitters) to enhance one’s cognitive processes.

The main benefits of BrainPill are as follows:

  • Increased concentration and focus
  • Elevated Mood
  • Improved Memory Skills

How Does It Work?

BrainPill™ is a cocktail of scientifically proven natural ingredients. When all these supplement components work together, it becomes a formidable force in one’s brain health. But how does the product achieve this?

Let’s start with the brain’s standard mechanisms. The brain is a self-regulating and nonstop system. In a healthy person, this means that the brain does not turn off or stop functioning. Well, it only stops functioning when a person dies.

For Brain Pill to work, it first needs to reach the brain by crossing the blood-brain barrier. It contains Ginkgo Biloba extract to hasten this process and ensure that the blood-brain barrier is expanded enough to permit transport of other BrainPill™ components.

Once inside the brain, the main components like Cognizin® and Synapsa™ can influence the brain’s neurotransmitters and thus improve one’s brain functions.

Other ingredients like Huperzine A, Vitamin B12, and DHA Complex also perform other tasks that help improve the brain cells’ functions.

Benefits/Cons of BrainPill™

Having a good memory and focus aren’t the only advantages of BrainPill™. There are other cognitive improvements that you will experience when taking it:


  • Increased Alertness
  • Increased Stamina
  • Improved Mood
  • Feel Less Stressed and Less Mentally-Drained
  • Enhanced Mental Reaction Time
  • Decreased Brain Fog


  • Can be Pricey (Solution: Avail of discounts if you buy in bulk)
  • No Free Shipping Option for orders less than 4 boxes

BrainPill™ Ingredients

The main ingredients of BrainPill™ are: Citicoline (Cognizin®), Bacopa monnieri extract (Synapsa®), Huperzine A (club moss extract), Vinpocetine (periwinkle plant extract), Gingko Biloba Extract, Vitamin B12, BioPerine, Vitamin B6, DHA Complex, PS (Phosphatidylserine), Tyrosine, L-Theanine (green tea extract), Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5), and Folic Acid (Vitamin B9).

How Much Does Brain Pill Cost?

BrainPill™ costs $76.99 per box. Each box contains 30 capsules and is suitable for one month. If you order more than one box, you will get a discount between $10 and $434.

For example, for two-box orders, you will only pay $143.99, allowing you to save $10. For orders of 12 boxes, you will only pay $489.99, a savings of $434!

Discreet Shipping & Delivery

Among the other advantages of Brain Pill is that it offers discreet shipping. All orders made from the Official Brain Pill Website are shipped in a plain box labeled only with Leading Edge Health to protect your privacy.

Orders are shipped through a courier service and will arrive within 2-3 days. International orders may take 2-4 weeks to arrive.

Guarantee and Warranty

Leading Edge Health values their customers and offers a 60-day money back guarantee to all BrainPill purchases. They have a dedicated customer service hotline that is open every day between 6 AM and 10 PM PT.

If you are not seeing results within 60 days from your purchase of Brain Pill, you can return the remaining supplements within the next 7 days and you will be refunded your entire purchase (except shipping and handling fees). No questions asked.

Where to Buy BrainPill™

At this time, BrainPill is available online through For best offers, be sure to place your order at

Are There Any BrainPill Coupons or Special Offers?

Yes! offers discounted rates between $10 and $400 for orders made on the website. Orders for 4 boxes or more also automatically make you eligible for free shipping within the United States. Isn’t that just great?!


BrainPill is not just a health supplement fad. It is an all-natural and scientifically-backed smart drug. If you want to be truly healthy, both physically and mentally, this is the way to go.

The world of modern cognitive-enhancing medicines is relatively young so most people may be cautious over supplements that pop-up and claim to improve one’s memory and concentration skills.

Hopefully, this review helps you make an informed choice and make you try out Brain Pill.

PHALLOSAN® forte Review, Where To Buy & Discounts


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Phallosan forte review

Looking for a truly effective penile enhancement product? PHALLOSAN® forte is the answer to all your needs. Whether it’s about enlargement, straightening or as post-surgical management (e.g. after prostate surgery or IPP treatment), this is the only product you will ever need.

PHALLOSAN® forte is a simple device that uses groundbreaking technology developed from extensive research and years of experience.

It painlessly improves the girth and the length of the penis, without any drugs, pills or surgery. Users can confidently and comfortably use this device at any time, day or night, even during their sleep.

It is discreet, invisible through clothing, soft and comfortable to use. It is not bulky when worn, so men can use this while going about their usual activities, not worrying about an unsightly bulge in their pants.

Top benefits of use are:

  • Comfortable
  • Effective
  • Permanent results

Buy Direct from Phallosan Manufacturer and Save

PHALLOSAN forte Extender Review

How Does PHALLOSAN® forte Work?

The device uses a continuously applied pulling force on the entire penis through the creation of a vacuum. This tensile (pulling) force is totally painless yet very effective.

This is most suitable to use on those who have foreshortened and/or bent penises. This can also help in improving mild erectile dysfunction.

The method is totally non-invasive Phallosan forte review(no surgery required). The handling is easy and simple.

A vacuum is created, which will provide the pulling force on the entire penis. This pull will stimulate the formation of new tissues within the penile cavernous body and the rest of the penis.

This concept has already been in use by indigenous tribes, such as those in Africa.

Placing tensile strength on their penises have been reported to cause lengthening of up to 17 inches! But that required wearing very heavy objects on their penises (ouch!).

The expected growth in length is between 0.8 and 1.2 inches. Some may even experience greater length increase, depending on overall tissue composition, health, and proper use.

The applied tensile strength is entirely pain-free.

As of this writing, there is no other system available that delivers the same amazing results that last and is totally painless.

This device is best suited for those with:

  • Incurvate penis
  • Retraction penis
  • Subjective penile deficiency (those who are simply unhappy with their current size and girth)
  • Small penises
  • Erectile dysfunction (mild only)
  • Post-prostate surgery management

Pros and Cons

This is a very effective device. Results are amazing and permanent.

The advantages include, but not limited to:

  • Gentle pulling action but very effective
  • Can be used comfortably for longer periods
  • Can be worn either at the right of the left side of the groin
  • Discreet when worn, invisible from the outside so no telltale bulges
  • Proper use creates no side effects
  • Overnight use is possible without worrying about discomforts and side effects
  • A device is suitable for use for all penis sizes
  • Materials are allergen-free
  • Privacy in ordering, shipping, and delivery
  • Tension gauge and the internal suction pump allows for easy checking and adjustment of vacuum and tension strength
  • Free consulting, with utmost discreetness

A few slightly uncomfortable situations have been experienced by a few users.

These include:

  • Slight tingling, which indicates that the tension on the penis is starting to work. This will eventually disappear after about 2-3 days.
  • Slight redness, which will only appear if the tension is too strong. High tension strength may be used if tolerated, although the recommendation is to use moderate tension

Shipping and DeliveryPhallosan forte

Privacy is assured for all customers.

The product comes in a plain package that bears no indication of what is inside. The invoice also shows no telltale details about the package.

“Health device” and no other specifications can give any clue as to what the plain package contains.

Even in the payment details, there will be very little telltale signs of what the purchase is.

This ensures that the transaction will be as discreet as possible.

Guarantee and Warranty

All materials are guaranteed hypoallergenic.

All the parts of the device have undergone testing for contaminants and passed according to the standards of EcoTex/100.

The device comes with a 24-month warranty, excluding the stretch sleeve.

There is also a 14-day money back guarantee.

Where to Buy and Price

PHALLOSAN® can only be purchased through the official website, The device costs $339.

PHALLOSAN® forte Discounts and Freebies

PHALLOSAN® forte offers $100 worth of sleeves for FREE if you place an order now.

Best Phallosan Forte Discount: CLICK HERE


The technology in this product was developed by the company based on years of actual experience with what really works and what does not.

It is also backed by years of research and honed to perfection by incorporating customer feedback to better cater to their needs. Most of the benefits of using this device cannot be found in any other product.

How many products are out there that give real, permanent and pain-free results? Only PHALLOSAN® forte can.

Buy Direct from PHALLOSAN Manufacturer and Save

5 Tips to Saving Money on Summer Bills


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Looking for ways to save money this summer?

You can beat the heat and cool your home without necessarily putting a dent on your bank balance.

Water consumption goes up as well, but with some easy tips to follow, you can tame your usage through the hot weather.

Air Conditioner

First, if you’re using a window air conditioner unit, place it in a spot where it is hidden from the sun. It will run more efficiently by 12% and save you cash over time.

Also, you can seal the AC’s perimeter to make sure cold air will not escape. You can use weather stripping for that.

Clean the filter once every month. Regularly washing your AC’s filter can decrease energy use of the unit by 15%. For central air, the use of a programmable thermostat is highly advised.

Overhead Fans

Overhead fans are a great friend to budget-conscious home managers.

The air they circulate is a good reason to delay running the air conditioner. That can be delayed longer if the air is made to come in through the windows on cool summer nights.

Overhead fans consume only $0.01 worth of energy per hour, which means a single unit will cost you less than $0.20 a day!

Things Not In Use

Little things when ignored can sum up to big wastes in the end.

Lock the door of your room when sleeping inside to make the area cool faster and the air conditioner not work harder.

Unplug machines and gadgets from electrical outlets when not in use. Turn off the lights before leaving a room.

Check Water Leakage

Check for leakage. When everyone else has left the house, read the water meter. Wait for one hour and read it again.

Has the reading changed?

If it has, then you have a problem to solve. Leaks account for 10,000 gallons of water waste in homes each year. Check the toilet. It may be the right time to replace the flapper.

Break Your Old Water Use Habits

Stop running the tap until it gives you cool water for drinking.

You will save three or four glasses of water each time. Keeping a pitcher filled with water inside the fridge is a sure saver.

Do the same when brushing your teeth.

Keep the faucet closed while you do the maneuvers on your teeth. With more household members cooperating to do the right things, you will surely keep large amounts of water from draining down the sink.

3 Ways to Save Energy This Spring


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Spring is a time when the leaves turn green and the flowers bloom. It is also a time when the weather starts to warm up in preparation for summer.

The changes in temperature and humidity can make people feel hot and uncomfortable so they turn to air conditioning to cool them off. The increased use of air conditioning and other cooling devices that use electricity can increase your energy bill significantly.

Here are 3 tips to help you save energy.

#1 – Open the Windows – Opening your windows lets cool air in from the outside. The breeze helps circulate the air inside your house so that it doesn’t feel hot and stuffy.

It also naturally cools your house so you won’t have to resort to using the air conditioning anymore.

Using a ceiling fan while your windows are open is also a good idea as moving air can feel cooler on your skin. The energy expended when using ceiling or oscillating fans are significantly lower than using air conditioning.

#2 – Take Your Cooking Outside – It is no secret that cooking increases the temperature in the kitchen. If your kitchen is not closed off from the rest of the house or if you don’t have a proper cooling system installed in the kitchen, it can make the rest of the house feel hot.

Take your cooking outside by using an outdoor grill. After you are done with the cooking and the grilling you can have an outdoor picnic as well. Dining al fresco can feel cooler than dining inside the house.

#3 – Check Your Appliances – Have your air conditioner and electric fans checked and serviced to ensure that it is working properly.

Clean the hair and dust build up from the condenser coils of your refrigerator so that the motor does not work harder to cool off the items inside.

Ensure that the seals of your refrigerator are tight and clean so that the cool air within does not escape and the warm air from the outside does not seep in.

Make sure that your appliances have the Energy Star label. Appliances with this label may be a bit pricier than those appliances without the label but are generally more efficient at using energy. This can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Take advantage of the warmer weather and spend time outdoors to cool yourself off instead of staying in an air conditioned room.

The fresh air will do your body good and you can save up on your energy bills as well.

What Are The Best Things to Buy in April?


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Every bargain hunter knows that certain items are best bought at certain times of the year. The price fluctuation in certain times of the year is a combination of seasonal changes, events and habits that are attributed to specific months of the year.

Certain practices and seasonal changes are associated with April. Hence, products associated with these changes are best bought in April. Here are some products you will get at their best prices in April.

 Spring clothing

The rule of thumb for seasonal clothing is to wait for a while after they are released to get the best prices. Spring clothing releases typically occur in February. Thus, April is a good time to get good prices on spring clothing. If you are keen on getting new releases at the best prices, you should make your spring clothing purchases in April. That way you can get up to 40% discount. Who said you couldn't look good on a budget.

You could also get good clearance sales deals for winter clothing in April. By April, most retailers will be more than willing to give their winter clothing stock away at the best prices.


Japan is a major exporter of electronics, and the Japan year ends in March. With the end of the year in every country comes end-of-year sales, and Japan will be doing those with electronics in April. So, you could hold off on buying that TV until April; you should because you are sure of good discounts. It is, however, noteworthy that these discounts come with products from the previous year, so later in the later, there will be a newer version of that TV you just bought at a giveaway price.

Travel deals

Typically, people do not travel a lot in April, so you can get good prices on travels such as vacation cruises. Vacation cruises get a lot of attention in the summer, but in April, they do not get a lot of attention. The lower prices are the same for most vacation activities, so you could sneak in a vacation even with your low budget. It's not the time of the year that matters; it's the memories made.

If you're looking to travel during the summer, April is also a good time to book flights, as flights will at significantly lower prices than those in July and August.

Thrift collectors' items

Spring cleaning is associated with decluttering and finding items whose uses have phased out. Garage sales and flea markets tend to have good-quality items at friendly prices in April. This is because a lot of secondhand items discovered during spring cleaning are available for sales.

April is a good time of the year to offload secondhand items and buy quality ones at good prices. You should pay more attention to your favorite thrift shop and flea market in April to get good bargains.

With this article, we highlighted items that come at the best prices in April. So, if you are interested in getting any of the items on this list at very good prices, you could hold off buying it until April.